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All bypasses not performed in quadruple heart surgery

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We thought my father had a quadruple bypass heart surgery. He has been healthy for 3.5 years past the surgery and last month was having similar symptoms before the bypass. A different doctor went in and found only 3 bypasses were done (even though all paperwork says 4 were completed). He just had to have stints placed in the artery that wasn't taken care of. The stints aren't performing very well, so he is now being checked out to possibly have to go through another heart surgery to complete the single bypass. The 3 bypasses that were done look great and are performing well, this last artery is 99% clogged and is causing pain, shortness of breath, lack of sleep and the possibility of a completely new bypass that takes 6-12 months to recover from.
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Answered on Apr 20th, 2016 at 1:46 PM

There could be a possible case here. Please email me at ro call my office at 217-337-1400 to talk further.  Unless there is a reason in the records as to why the fourth bypass was not completed there could be an issue and a case.  These cases are very complicated.  I will certainly try to help if I can.

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