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Do I have a Medical Malpractice Case

1 Answers. Asked on Jul 07th, 2017 on Medical Malpractice - Florida
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I took my infant son (1.5 months old) to the ER for fever, diarrhea, not eating normal (dehydrated) and sleeping too much per our pediatricians advice. The ER dr only checked for a UTI and sent us home the same symptoms saying to see our Dr on Monday or Tuesday. The next morning I called our pediatrician again and again she told us to get our son to the ER which we did (different on this time) where they did bloodwork and a lumbar puncture. Our sons white blood cell count was elevated and he was admitted for antibiotics and fluids. When tests cultures came back it showed our son had Salmonella. Do we have a case againidt the 1st ER dr for not following normal procedures for an infant with my sons symptoms?
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Answered on Jul 09th, 2017 at 7:44 AM

No - there simply aren't sufficient damages to warrant a civil med mal case. You can complain to the hosptial and board of medicine if you want. 

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