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How can I sue biomaterials plasma for giving me a false positive for HIV and I don't have it

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In order to sue for giving you a false positive for HIV, this is what our courts have said that you have to establish about your emotional injury: "Furthermore, we agree that in order to guard against trivial or fraudulent actions, the law ought to provide a recovery only for “serious” or “severe” emotional injury...  A “serious” or “severe” emotional injury occurs “where a reasonable person, normally constituted, would be unable to adequately cope with the mental stress engendered by the circumstances of the case....  Finally, we conclude that the claimed injury or impairment must be supported by expert medical or scientific proof."   Coleman v. Wilwayco, 2006 WL 140390, at *7 (Tenn.Ct.App.,2006) If you can establish this, then you have a case; if not, then you have no case.


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