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My DR isnt making any active effort to treat me. No attempt has been made to find out what is causing my pain.

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Dr. tells me to drop off my MRI at radiology. I do so immediately and the dr claims she cant see the MRI in her file. When I asked her is she talked to radiology she said she didn't. When I asked her why she didn't call me. She has no answer. When I asked her what was being done about my injury. She repeats that she has no MRI and doesn't know what I want her to do. I re-explain what happened to me and how long I have been waiting to get an apt with the VA and that I wanted her to take a look at my MRI for my hip and back to see if there is any damage to my tendons, muscles, cartilage, spine, bones, etc and if any other tests need to be done I want to get them done as soon as possible. I told her I'm in pain and need to get this taken care of. She leaves a message with the nurse and when I called today (1 week later) I get the same nonsense about not being able to see the MRI. I get no instructions, no next step, no activity, no call back, no treatment. What do I do?
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Answered on Mar 07th, 2017 at 10:45 AM

The answer is simple - find a new doctor.

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