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prescription drugs addiction, after I was prescripted oxycodone and opana for my back problem for 2 years and did not know how dangerous they are.

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when I ran out, I would get very sick and did not know why until my wife mentioned about the medication and I said I never had any addition problems with any meds ever and after that I was affraid to tell the doctor being he would stop giving me meds. that finally work, and they did work until I had to depend on them, I could not sit still, not sleep for a week and a half,eat,stomach pains,dyariha,suicidal thoughts and I dont wanna go back to that ever. My Doctor was forced to close his doors and he was taken into custudy, not long it was on the internet and in the papers and even on channel 13 news for excepting money from pharmacudicals for having patients try different drugs.
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Answered on Jun 27th, 2017 at 7:18 AM

Optiate addiction and kickbacks are to TOTALLY different issues. If this was of recent vintange you would have a HUGE credibility issue claiming you were oblivious to the potential addiction to opiates as its plastered everywhere starting with the pharmacy documents. If you are claiming the doctor malpracticed by prescribing opiate pain pills you will need to have another physicians opinion to support that in writing, including determination that you are now an opioid addict, and then have same reviewed by a lawyer. 

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