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Ruptured spleen during Endoscopic ultra sound wit liver biopsy

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After my spouse woke up in recovery room she immediately complained of pain (10+) in lower left rib cage area in the left shoulder area and partly down the left arm. Attending nurse stated thats just the air or gas used during the procedure and it will take 2 days to subside. We believed the statement at the time. Nurse ordered and gave pain medication twice by IV getting it somewhat tolerable plus a lath behind the ear for nausea and sent patient home. Patient kept complaining of same pains and got worse, also feeling badly. 4 days later patient collapsed heading to bathroom and was ambulanced to ER. Bp was 59/?. Ct scan showed ruptured spleen with old/new blood. 4 weeks later latient is still on total bed rest due to pain and lack of energy. GI Dr. has not responded to inquiry and hospital where procedure performed says so what. Research indicates initial symptoms are related to ruptured spleen and nurse should have informed Dr. and moved patient to ER. What do we do?
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Answered on Aug 06th, 2017 at 5:28 AM

The spleen injury could be a risk of procedure but not timely testing or treating may be negligent and all depends upon result.  As lawyers all we can do is review and give opinions on negligence along with an expert md opinion or RN opinion.   What do you do?  Consult doctors and research and be an advocate and if not pleased find other doctors.  If you find permanent injury and suspect negligent treatment obtain the records and consult a lawyer 

Nothing contained herein is meant to be legal advice to your particular question or to be a substitute for seeking a consultation with a lawyer and going over the facts and issues. I recommend that you Consult a lawyer in a consultation before taking any action based upon answers on this site.

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