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One kind of medical malpractice is based on a doctor's failure to adequately inform you about a proposed a medical procedure or treatment. You have ... read more
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Medical Spas, Malpractice & the "New You"
Not liking what you see in the mirror? Perhaps you're thinking about visiting a medical spa for help with those frown lines, age spots or facial hair. Use caution when selecting a facility. Although modern medical techniques can produce dramatic cosmetic results, possible complications can be much more ... Read more

Psychologist's Sexual Misconduct May Involve Billing
Stories of well-meaning relationships gone wrong are nothing new. News articles constantly reveal stories of professionals who stepped over the line into a sexual relationship with someone they were, or are, helping. The fallout can include disciplinary proceedings or even losing their license or credentials. ... Read more

The Do's and Don'ts of the Duty of Care
If you're suing someone for negligence, one of the first elements to establish is their duty of care. You must show the defendant didn't follow the duty of care required by the law. It's defined as the legal obligation to act in a standard or reasonable way. Doctors are the typical subjects of negligence ... Read more

Who's Your Doctor Most Concerned About?
Your doctor prescribes some drugs or orders a test when you visit his office; it's no big deal, right? You made an appointment to figure out what's wrong with you and the doctor's trying to do just that. Most of the time, it's safe to assume your doctor's looking out for your best interests. Period. ... Read more

Immunity for US Health Aides?
In the upcoming term, the US Supreme Court is expected to address the immunity of public health service officers. Traditionally, public health service officers in federal facilities can't be sued for malpractice. Under the current law, the federal government itself can be sued, but not the actual workers. ... Read more

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Not on the facts presented. The biggest difficulty in such a case would be the issue that your daughter may be deeply disturbed unlreated to any of the issues you decribe as evidencedby the suicide at ...Read more

In general this lawyer's explanation regarding the high cost of a medical malpractice case is absolutley correct. In order to  decide whether to go forward one must evaluate the potential mo ...Read more

If your sister had an allergic reaction to morphine and the hospital was on notice that she was allergic to the medication, then obviously you have reason to suspect she receieved negligent care and t ...Read more

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The deadlines for filing suit in court in medical malpractice in Virginia are mostly the same as for other kinds of cases namely two years from the date of the medical malpractice and injury. In pract ... Read more

Medical Malpractice Damage Cap

In 2003, Texas adopted House Bill 4 (“HB 4”), which capped non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. At the same time, additional restrictions, notice requirements, and expert r ... Read more


In a split decision by theNew Jersey Supreme Court last month, doctors who do not have the proper liability insuranceshould be disciplined by the state medical board rather than the courts.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers: Common Cold Weather Injuries

Soon, the cold weather in the northeast region of the United States, includingPhiladelphia, begins to kick in. For most people that means that they need to turn on the heater, put away their summer cl ... Read more

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: Can I Sue for a Facial Scar?

You can sue for a facial scar if it is the result ofnegligenceon someone’s part. There may also be other bases for a lawsuit. How much a case will be worth and whether it is worth suing depends ... Read more

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