does my momhas a case /?

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few month ago my mom has had an amputation on her leg .she was sent home three days later with no antibiotics.two days after being sent home she became septic .she was rushed to the hospital,where dr said the infection from the amputation has traveled to her heart valve and now need heart surgery,the surgery cannot be done because previous dr did a bad job on the amputation and now the leg must be amputated again..dr also stated mom should have never been sent home without is 70 year old in dire stress .not sure she can make it through so much surgerys.thanks,steven valle
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Answered on Aug 10th, 2017 at 5:54 AM

From these facts there is a reason to obtain the records and consult a lawyer.  No one can determine negligence without reviewing the records and obtaining opinions by a medical expert.  

Nothing contained herein is meant to be legal advice to your particular question or to be a substitute for seeking a consultation with a lawyer and going over the facts and issues. I recommend that you Consult a lawyer in a consultation before taking any action based upon answers on this site.

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