Gallbladder surgery gone bad

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My wife had surgery on a thursday morning at 800am. Was told all went good and sent her home for a 2 day recovery. On 2nd day the pain was so bad she couldnt sleep and felt like she was gonna pass out. I took her back saturday around noon. They ran catscan and said they have to wait until sunday morning to ran a another test to inject dye. Meanwhile she is still is so much pain that they have her on 2 different pain killers alternating every couple hours. This went on for 2 days. Dye concluded there was fluid leaking but not sure from where. They said they had to due another surgery monday morning to put a stent in for up to 6 weeks then another surgery to remove it. After Mondays surgery she was better the first day but before they released her the pain came back. It is now wednesday and she is still on hospital with pain and no answer from what caused this.
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Starting point is this is simply a surgical complication and there is nothing to do legally. That stated, if you have concerns, you may want to get with a malpractice lawyer and get referral for a specialist you can hire for a second opinion and to review the records. This may cost you several thousand dollars for such a review - but many people choose to do so simply for peace of mind. 

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