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Medical Spas, Malpractice & the "New You"
Not liking what you see in the mirror? Perhaps you're thinking about visiting a medical spa for help with those frown lines, age spots or facial hair. Use caution when selecting a facility. Although modern medical techniques can produce dramatic cosmetic results, possible complications can be much more ... READ MORE

Psychologist's Sexual Misconduct May Involve Billing
Stories of well-meaning relationships gone wrong are nothing new. News articles constantly reveal stories of professionals who stepped over the line into a sexual relationship with someone they were, or are, helping. The fallout can include disciplinary proceedings or even losing their license or credentials. ... READ MORE

The Do's and Don'ts of the Duty of Care
If you're suing someone for negligence, one of the first elements to establish is their duty of care. You must show the defendant didn't follow the duty of care required by the law. It's defined as the legal obligation to act in a standard or reasonable way. Doctors are the typical subjects of negligence ... READ MORE

Where Is Your Doctor When You Need Him Most?
Imagine you're on the operating table, prepped for surgery and sedated. You wake up, thinking you're ready to go on with your recovery. You're shocked to find out that your doctor never showed up to perform the surgery, and you're going to have to go through the process all over again. This is exactly ... READ MORE

Who's to Blame for Wrong-Site Surgery?
Update Despite procedures to prevent it, wrong-site surgery is on the rise. At least that's what the numbers say. The Joint Commission estimates wrong-site surgery happens 40 times a week on average. The number of cases reported to the Joint Commission nearly doubled in 2010 over 2004. It seems something ... READ MORE

Who's Your Doctor Most Concerned About?
Your doctor prescribes some drugs or orders a test when you visit his office; it's no big deal, right? You made an appointment to figure out what's wrong with you and the doctor's trying to do just that. Most of the time, it's safe to assume your doctor's looking out for your best interests. Period. ... READ MORE

Doctors Fail to Relay Medical Test Results to Patients
A recent study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that doctors often fail to tell patients about bad medical test results. In a review of the medical records of 5,434 patients at primary care and academic medical facilities, researchers found that doctors failed to tell patients about ... READ MORE

Immunity for US Health Aides?
In the upcoming term, the US Supreme Court is expected to address the immunity of public health service officers. Traditionally, public health service officers in federal facilities can't be sued for malpractice. Under the current law, the federal government itself can be sued, but not the actual workers. ... READ MORE

Surgery Nurse Gives Patients Hep C with Dirty Needles
This is one of a hospital patient's worst fears. You go to the hospital for surgery, the surgery thankfully goes well and you go home. Several months later, you get a letter from the hospital asking you to return to the hospital for blood tests to determine if you were exposed to hepatitis C or other ... READ MORE

Can a Medical Diagnosis Be Negligent?
When people think about medical mistakes, they tend to think of surgical errors (operating on the wrong foot), medication errors (prescribing or distributing the wrong medication or dose) or childbirth errors (waiting too long for a cesarean section). In fact, the most common medical mistakes are errors ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Professional Duty Of Care Case From a Local Attorney

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While it may have happened as you described - most people will not belive that you told a doctor you smoked a few puffs of weed and that he said he would make a note of it, and its "ok" for several re ...Read more

I'm sorry to hear this happened to your wife. You can report a HIPAA violation here: However, there is no right to sue for damages for HIPAA ...Read more

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Top Causes Of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is when a medical care provider – including a doctor, dentist, nurse, laboratory technician or a hospital/medical facility – fails to meet the “standard of care&# ... Read more

When is a Medication Error Medical Malpractice?

Most patients trust that when they are given a prescription for pharmaceutical drugs that the medication will be safe to use and create the desired effect. Unfortunately, in some situations prescripti ... Read more

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Finds Medical Malpractice Caps Unconstitutional

In a recent blog post we discussed the ruling issued by the Florida Supreme Court which did away with damage caps in cases involving medical malpractice. Now a similar ruling has been issued in Wiscon ... Read more

Bayer Faces Multiple Lawsuits Over Complications from Mirena IUDs

Bayer Faces Multiple Lawsuits because of Mirena Dangers The big pharmaceutical company Bayer is currently facing lawsuits filed across the country by thousands of women for various health allegations. ... Read more

Breast Implants Causing Rare and Deadly Cancer

Breast Implants Causing Rare and Deadly Cancer Nearly each case of a rare and dangerous cancer has been found directly linked to breast implants, and although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fi ... Read more

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